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The ARC-8 is produced using the Flow-forming technique. Flow-forming, which has also been called 'spin forging', produces a barrel with similar strength to that of a fully forged wheel. This significantly reduces weight in the barrel, which has the greatest impact on rotational mass and performance. By combining the strength of a forged, lightweight barrel and a more robust face design, we've produced a wheel that welcomes endurance racing, hard driving, and even potholes.

Mesh design

Load is more evenly distributed to reduce stress and enhance durability
Aesthetics aren't compromised to create strength
Lipless design

Maximizes strength in the most vulnerable area of the wheel
Greatly reduces bends and damage from small impacts
APEX ARC-8 wheels are JWL tested and VIA certified

Each size and fitment is tested and certified
Factory Fit

Designed for BMW applications, the ARC-8 accepts TPMS sensors, factory lug bolts or stud conversion kits, and OEM roundel center caps.
All wheels come with APEX center caps.
Open center

Easy lug access and reduced weight
Unpainted lug recesses

Prevents wheel bolts or lug nuts from loosening
Mounting wheels does not damage the finish
The ARC-8 is perfect for street, track, and race